Takashi Nakazato

Takashi Nakazato is a percussionist and drummer born in Tokyo.
At the age of 23, Takashi won the third prize at the “Play Boy Jazz Festival”
contest by playing in the fusion band he joined with
his friends and played as the opener (the artists who
played at that time were Grover Washington Jr., Tito
Puente, Herbie Mann, Nancy Wilson, etc.).  Debuted in the
day performance at Shinjuku Pit Inn.

Having started to support JAZZTRONIK from 2002,
he experienced a tour in Japan and live performances in
London (Jazz Cafe), New York, Edinburgh, Rome, Slovakia,
Croatia, and also participated in the festivals such as
Tokyo Jazz, Jonetsu Tairiku, TAICO CLUB, Fukuoka Sunset,
etc.  Ryota Nozaki
’s DJ party, “Jazztronica!!” is also enjoyed all over Japan.
As a member of Kyoto Jazz Massive, he performed
live in London (Jazz Cafe), Amsterdam (North Sea Jazz
Festival, etc.), Hungary (Volt Festival, Balaton Sound
Festival, etc.), Vienna (Birdland) and Kazakhstan, as well
as playing at Tokyo Crossover Jazz festival (Shuya Okino
Band and Root Soul).

Joined a percussion group with 11 players; “Orquesta Nadge!Nadge!”
and played at Fuji Rock Festival, Tokyo Jazz(Pre-event),
On Air East, etc., as well as releasing the second album
“Rhythm CHANT.”  As Fried Pride, he joined tours in
Japan and Korea, Tokyo Jazz, Madarao Jazz Festival, etc.
and the performance at tours (Shibuya Club Quattro) may be
seen on DVD.  A Brazilian Club band, Trance of Life
’s “Foi Voce/ Delight Earth” was world widely released
from Nite Grooves in New York!  Takashi has also played
for Kazunori Kumagai
’s Tappers Riot (6-day performance at Aoyama Round
Theatre), Masayuki Omote (A.Sax) Funky Jazz Band and his
leading band “Takashi Nakazato & Y Su Grupo.

Takashi is an endorser of Paiste Cymbal, Promark Stick,
YAMAHA DRUMS and LP Percussion.  He teaches percussion for
Jazz at Senzoku Gakuen College of Music.

Takashi has performed and recorded with artists such as
Taro Hakase, Naoto, Kazunori Kumagai, Sonomi Tameoka,
Ryudo Uzaki, Mika Nakashima, Maki Oguro, Masayoshi
Yamazaki, Tetsuya Kuwayama, Cro-Magnon, Akiko Wada, hiro
(SPEED), SMAP, Miho Fukuhara, Emi Tawada, SOFFet, TRF,
AAA, Hajime Mizoguchi, Isabelle Antena, GATS and more.  
He has also played in musical
“The Lion King” by Shiki Theatre Company, and worked on
music for TV programs (SMAP SMAP, etc.), soundtracks
(Mirai Koshi Meguru, Real Close, etc.), CM (Universal
Studios Japan, etc.) and game music (Metal Gear Solid, etc.).

☆趣味:楽器CD DVD収集、映画鑑賞、TVバラエティ鑑賞、

23才の時友人と組んでいたフュージョンバンドで東京ドームでの"PlayBoy Jazz Festival"のコンテストに3位入賞で前座を飾る(ちなみにその時出演していたアーティストはGrover Washinton Jr、Tito Puente、Harbie Mann、Nancy Wilson他)新宿ピットイン昼の部でデビュー。

JAZZTRONIKを2002年からサポートし国内ツアー、London (JazzCafe)、NewYork、Edinburgh、Roma、スロバキア、クロアチアでライブ、東京Jazz、情熱大陸、TAICO CLUB、福岡Sunset等のフェスにも参加。野崎良太のDJパーティーJazztronica!!も全国各地で好評開催中。Kyoto Jazz MassiveでLondon (Jazz Cafe)、 Amsterdam (North Sea Jazz Festival etc)、 Hungary (Volt Festival,Balaton Sound Festival,etc.)、ウィーン(Birdland) カザフスタンでライブ、Tokyo Crossover Jazz festival (沖野修也band,Root Soul) なども参加。

11人編成のパーカッショングループOrquesta Nadge!Nadge!でFuji Rock Festeval、東京Jazz (Pre event) On Air East他、2nd Album 「Rhythm CHANT」発売中!Fried Prideでは国内ツアー、韓国、東京Jazz、斑尾ジャズフェス,etc、ツアーの模様 (渋谷Club Qurttro)はDVDでもリリースされている。Brazilian Club系バンドTrance Of Life「Foi Voce/Delight Earth」が米NYのNite Groovesより全世界リリース!熊谷和徳Tappers Riot(青山円形劇場6日間公演)表 雅之(As)Omo Doo、Piecework.リーダーバンドTakashi Nakazato Gruop。

Paiste Cymbal、Pro-Mark Stick、LP Percussionエンドーサー。洗足学園大学ジャズコース非常勤講師。

※その他 主な共演アーティスト(CD & LIVE)葉加瀬太郎、西村由紀江、Naoto、熊谷和徳、為岡そのみ、宇崎竜童、中島美嘉、大黒麻季、山崎まさよし、桑山哲也、Cro-Magnon、和田アキ子、 hiro(SPEED)、SMAP、福原美穂、多和田えみ、Soffet、TRF、AAA、溝口肇、Isabelle Antena、GATS、劇団四季ライオンキング,etc. その他TV (SMAP SMAP,etc.) サントラ(未来講師めぐる、Real Close ,etc.)、CM (Universal Studio Japan,etc.)、Game Music (Metal Gear Solid,etc.)
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